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Investing in Gold (or Silver) - but how?

The Starting Point:


There are many good reasons for having a good share of one's investments in precious metals like gold, silver, platinium or palladium. In this context, gold plays a special role, because it is of least relevance for industrial use. Hence its value is largly decoupled from economic ups and downs and varying industrial demand (like e.g. impressively demonstrated by the charts from 2008 during the world financial and economical crisis). Instead, gold has historically always acted as a universal currency with its stable intrinsic value. Many experts recommend to have between 10% and 20% of one's investments in gold, as part of a good portfolio diversification.

Buying Gold: How, and in which Form?

If we have now come to the conclusion that it makes sense to have a certain share of our investments in gold, then we immediately find ourselves asking: How exactly am I supposed to do that?
Well, there are a number of options: